Guests and visitors to VIT World, might be interested in the content of various videos available on the Internet. This page presents a short list of such videos.

Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence Introductory Video
"In the coming decades, humanity will likely create a powerful AI. The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence exists to confront the implied challenge, both the opportunity and the risk." [~10 min]

The Singularity Summit at Stanford, Ray Kurzweil's Keynote Address
Ray Kurzweil's keynote address at The Singularity Summit at Stanford put on by the Singularity Institute in May 2006. In this part, Kurzweil demonstrates the visual reader for the blind which he invented (part 1 of 3; parts 2 and 3 linked from page that opens). [~18 min]

Jeff Hawkins - Brain science is about to fundamentally change computing
"The brain isn't like a powerful computer processor. It's more like a memory system that records everything we experience and helps us predict, intelligently, what will happen next. Bringing this new brain science to computer devices will enable powerful new applications — and it will happen sooner than you think." [~20 min]

convert-youtube-videos-for-second-life video from Torley Linden

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