[[Group Invitation List]]

  • Chris Hambly -
  • Jonathon Richter
  • Skipper Abel
  • SL Desideria Stockton - Beth Ritter-Guth - Literature Alive & founder of Second Life Best Practices in Education
  • SL Kim Anubis - Well known builder
  • SL Intellagirl Tully - Sarah "Intellagirl" Robbins
  • Paul Fishwick - University of Florida - Aesthetic Computing
  • Ray Kurzweil- Author of the Singularity is Near
  • Peter Plantec - Author of Virtual Humans
  • Ayesha Rasmuson - Builder
  • James Burke - Knowledge Web
  • Jeff Hawkins - Author of On Intelligence, Developer of the Thinking Machine
  • K. Eric Drexler - Author of the Engines of Creation, founder of Nanotechnology
  • Philip Rosedale - Founder and CEO of Second Life
  • SL Jeremy Braver - Jeremy Koester - Founder of the Gaming & Learning Group
  • SL Mack DeCuir - Rick Pollack - Innovative Applications Development

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